LETTER : Dunblane: club leaders must be vetted

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Sir: Nearly twenty years ago I wrote a book about firearms, which has gone through several reprints, and as the father of five I regret it, praying that it hasn't fuelled the dreams of maniacs. The horror of Dunblane once again makes it clear that the licensing of pistols to individuals sanctions the carrying of concealed weapons: without justification, since pistols can only legally be fired at a club, which should be made responsible for holding them securely.

There is no justification for the manufacture and marketing of civilian magnum pistols. No right-minded target-shooter needs the man in the position next to him causing ear-splitting explosions which he can feel through the soles of his feet, simply to mark a target a few yards away. Granting licences for such weapons is on a par with allowing racing cars on the road.

N du Quesne Bird