LETTER: Dyke was right

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Sir: Lord Young's criticism of Greg Dyke (letter, 7 February) was characterised by the same imbalance that discredited the Hutton Report he so obviously admires.

He accuses the former Director General of the BBC of accepting no responsibility for the mistakes that were made when Mr Gilligan's story was presented. But surely, Mr Dyke accepted responsibility when he resigned? As I understand it, what he objects to is the fact that no one in the Government is prepared to do the same.

Lord Young must be aware that a great many people share Greg Dyke's objection. They heard Lord Hutton first outline evidence suggesting that certain aspects of Government behaviour had been less than acceptable - and then conclude that no member of Mr Blair's administration had done anything wrong.

The real legacy of Hutton is a continued and accelerated erosion of public confidence in so-called independent inquiries.


Hedon, East Yorkshire