Letter: Earthly bosses of God's workforce

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Earthly bosses of God's workforce

Sir: There is a glorious element of farce when a judge tells a dismissed curate that his employer is God and "I don't think you have an address for him so you will not be able to serve any documents" (report, 12 July).

When I decided civil disobedience was the strongest way I could, as a matter of conscience, make a point about the injustice to the poor of the Poll Tax and refused to pay it, the authorities were not so vague. Wycombe district council, of heavenly insight, found the address of my employer and served an attachment-of-earnings order. In a fit of hubris, the Church Commissioners obliged. The Bishop humbly accepted the advice that it was nothing to do with him!


Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire