Letter: Essential measures to curb chaos at the kerbs

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Sir: Voucher systems for parking, restricted parking in residential areas and paying one's local authority for the favour of parking outside one's house are essential measures to curb the chaos and pollution caused by the ever-increasing number of cars on our roads.

Like most other sensible restrictions on car use that have been introduced in the past such as parking meters, wheel clamping and even drink-driving laws, these measures will be opposed by a vociferous car-addicted element that claims them to be infringements of liberty.

To claim that such restrictions inconvenience the elderly and disabled disproportionately are untrue, as such groups are the least likely to own their own cars. Also, disabled drivers could easily be exempted from such schemes by displaying their orange disabled driver permits.

Your correspondent emphasises (13 July) that these types of parking restrictions stop car use over short distances of one or

two miles. This is probably one of the scheme's greatest advantages, as it might persuade car addicts to walk these short distances and

improve their health in doing


Yours faithfully,


London, N10

14 July