LETTER: Europe hears about Islington

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From Mr James Moorhouse, MEP

Sir: I was horrified to read your report "Council dogma hid child abuse" (24 May) about the alleged abject disregard by Islington council and the then council leader, Margaret Hodge MP, of the welfare of children in their care.

Of course recruitment should be on an equal opportunities basis, but at the end of the day the best person for the job should surely get it, whether they be black, white, gay, lesbian or heterosexual. Not to follow up references, particularly for people about to work with children who have already suffered, is just beyond one's comprehension.

The situation is compounded when we hear that managers did not want to risk people's wrath by investigating allegations made against the politically correct appointees.

I shall be passing details of this case on to my colleague in the European Parliament, Mrs De Esteban Martin, who is writing a report on human rights within the EU.

I trust that my colleagues in the House of Commons will be pursuing this matter in the House with Margaret Hodge, whose personal integrity must surely be called into question by this extremely saddening business.

Yours faithfully,


MEP for London South

and Surrey East (Con)

London, SW1

24 May

The writer is chairman of the European Peoples' Party Policy group on civil liberties.