Letter: European elections: lessons for the Government

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Sir: The most alarming thing about the Government's series of electoral defeats is that it does not understand why they are happening. Ministers and the party chairman point repeatedly to low inflation and economic recovery in the belief that although they may not yet have won votes, they will do so in time. They are wrong. The reason the Government is held in such contempt is, first, because it is dishonest. Ministers tell lies in the House of Commons, they employ deceitful means to defeat a Private Member's Bill and they refuse to give a straight answer about anything.

Second, the philosophy that determines their policy on public services is the need for financial competition within these services rather than the needs of those who use these services.

Third, they have a wanton disregard for the poor, the weak and the disadvantaged.

They cannot be entrusted with the welfare of the nation. That is what the electorate is telling them.

Yours faithfully,


Exeter, Devon

11 June