Letter: European elections: lessons for the Government

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Sir: In the European elections the Conservatives concentrated on European issues but, as you rightly say, fought an essentially negative campaign (leading article, 13 June). Whatever the domestic reasons for their defeat, clearly they no longer have a mandate from the electorate for their opt-outs on the Social Chapter or on the commitment to ultimate economic and monetary union, both championed by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The rejection of the Government's policies on Europe will further weaken whatever influence we may still have within the European Union. If Britain is to regain credibility with its partners and move back to the heart of the Union, then surely the Government should change its Euro-sceptic attitudes and start playing a more positive role, on lines closer to the policies for further integration championed by Helmut Kohl, the victor in the Euro-elections in his country.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW3