Letter: Europe's choices already made

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Sir: Sarah Helm ("Could Tony ever be as big as Helmut?", 8 April) perpetuates the idea that Europe is about "counter-weights" and power pacts against large or small member states.

If Tony Blair thinks he will find allies for an alternative Europe he is sorely mistaken. The arguments about, broadly, to what degree power is divided between states and the EU on a "federal" basis have already been made. Only the detail remains.

Recent comments about a flexible Europe from France and Germany only mean that they are prepared to institutionally isolate a Eurosceptic Britain - while Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Prague and Warsaw race past us to the hard- core next century.

Tony Blair can put forward ideas for greater EU democracy, and accountability and reform, but debates among other members are already years ahead - just look at the ideas being put forward for incorporating the WEU and removing border controls.

Britain has one decision to make. Do we accept the direction taken already by the other member states and become European - or do we leave?


Young European Movement