Letter: Evangelism of Jews

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Sir: Your leading article 'An offensive campaign' (10 August) demonstrates a bias against evangelism of the Jews, and little understanding of the true motives of those involved in the evangelism. Jewish missions (including Jews for Jesus) are regularly described in the media as if we deliberately seek to offend people, and somehow intend to persecute Anglo- Jewry.

What needs to be highlighted is that it is those who hold us in the greatest contempt who have such difficulty in being logical. We present the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah God has sent, but have no link with intentional hurt. We see Jewish people as those who should consider whether Jesus fits the predictions of Israel's prophets, but this is not 'targeting' the vulnerable. The New Testament recognises two mission fields - Jewish and Gentile - and to include the Jews in presenting the Gospel is to recognise their need as human


Yours faithfully,


UK Representative and Evangelist

Christian Jew Foundation

London, E18

10 August