Letter: Evidence of a ritual abuse survivor

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Sir: 'Rosie Waterhouse's report referring to a 'similar scare' on South Ronaldsay in 1991, overlooks Orkney social workers' attempts as far back as 1989 to persuade a child of her family's involvement in black magic. Pressurised with a combination of 'pindown' and offers of new clothes, statements were obtained resulting in a 'fishing expedition' on her eight younger siblings, whereby they spent four weeks in council care. No evidence was ever found of anything untoward.

In 1990, a similar clandestine operation on a younger sister resulted in a second 'fishing expedition', subsequently endorsed by a sheriff assuming 'balance of probability'. Still having obtained no evidence after three months, an ex-policewoman was then employed, resulting in garbled statements from three younger children and a third 'fishing expedition' (the South Ronaldsay scare) on the four families' children.

Again, no evidence was found, yet despite the release of the four families' children, the children of the original family (the W's) have been in care ever since, and this despite the refusal in 1991 of Orkney's former social work director to have his social workers' claims tested in the sherriff's court.

Just what does it take to get this scandal investigated?

Yours faithfully,



Orkney Seven Action Group

Felbridge, Sussex

3 June