Letter: Fair cops and robbers

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Sir: Consider this brief story. Some time yesterday our house was broken into. Very little was taken, and it was a 'clean' robbery. The police responded to our phone call rapidly, even though the nearest police station is about seven miles away. Today, we were visited again by an officer who collected fingerprints and other relevant evidence. The CID also called a bit later. In all cases, the police were courteous, friendly and efficient.

I have little expectation that we shall ever recover what we have lost. Thanet is renowned for its high crime rate and police resources are considerably stretched. However, I cannot agree with the implication in your editorial (10 March) that the police were somehow to blame for our small disaster. On the contrary, they deserve praise for the painstaking way they reacted to an incident that must appear very trivial. Isn't it about time we stopped blaming a whole profession when some part of it goes wrong?

Yours sincerely,



Ramsgate, Kent

10 March