Letter: Fair cops at Stoke Newington

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DUNCAN CAMPBELL'S article, 'A force to be reckoned with' (27 September), was selective in its use of facts. In addition, he has used his privileged position as a journalist to make public his side of a personal dispute.

To present the opposing view of the incident he describes would require as many column inches as those permitted him. Suffice to say other people involved - citizens and police - insist his version of events is wrong.

Having invested so much in securing legal representation, I am surprised Mr Campbell agreed to be bound over, if the circumstances were as described by him. His reason - that he was 'not confident the magistrates would spot the witnesses had, in effect, been rigged' is not the stuff of which campaigning journalists are made. It certainly does not accord with my view of the man who 'braved the Official Secrets Act'.

All people brought to this police station are treated fairly and equally. Nobody, not even a Campbell, has any reason to consider otherwise.

Roy Clark

Chief Superintendent

Stoke Newington Police Station

London N16