Letter: Faith in the Dome

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"CHURCHES SLAM the Faith Zone" (12 December) is about as inaccurate a headline as you can have. I visited the Dome on Tuesday, in the company of two bishops, a leading Methodist, a Catholic and others. What we saw delighted us all: compelling videos and graphic displays exploring the role the Christian faith has played in the UK's life, and clear explanations about the place of Jesus Christ in the formation of our calendar. Also with us was the lead Christian chaplain, whose team will be leading Christian prayer twice a day in the separate Prayer Space. Oh, and there are several crosses built into the design.

We toured in the company of Buddhist, Jewish and Sikh representatives, and we all shared in admiration for the stunning photographic material that depicts the role of the major world faiths in British life today. So none of us are "slamming" it: we would encourage visitors to make sure they visit Faith while they're at the Dome.


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