LETTER: Falling foul of film processors and the police

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From Mr Michael Taylor

Sir: I agree with most of Claire Rayner's article (Another View, 6 November) about Julia Somerville's persecution, but I see little point in increasing Boots' profits on developing and printing by getting them to process more entirely innocent pictures of naked children. Especially as there would still be a risk of some over-zealous operative going to the police.

A few years ago the manager of our local Boots wanted to refuse to print a lovely, though scarcely erotic, let alone "pornographic", photograph of a beautiful woman. After getting the print I had asked for, I have never been near Boots for processing since.

I suggest a more effective form of protest would be for your readers to go somewhere else for their photographic work, first checking that there is no fundamentalist processor at work.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Taylor

Logiealmond, Perthshire

6 November