LETTER : False memory claims: a dangerous diversion

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From Ms Marjorie Orr Sir: Bad therapy undoubtedly exists but is it really the problem or just a convenient excuse? The British Psychological Society's report on recovered memory found, on examination, that three-quarters of the documented cases in the British False Memory Society's files of its members did not even mention memory recovery. The files were described as inconsistent and sketchy.

"False memory" can all too easily be used as a get out. We know false allegations occur but they are uncommon. What is not at all uncommon are false denials.

So why is there a knee-jerk reaction always to focus on the less frequent of the possibilities? Are we so weak as a society that we have to keep shooting the messenger who brings the bad news of child abuse?

Yours sincerely, MARJORIE ORR Accuracy About Abuse London, NW3

3 January