Letter: Father's plea to IRA

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Sir: It is sad, but not unexpected, to hear Unionist whingeing about Gordon Wilson's meeting with members of the IRA. Peter Robinson's call for him to be questioned by the police (report, 9 April) is sickening. Gordon Wilson went as a father, not a political messenger. He felt he had to do this for his daughter's memory - to make the effort to encourage peace.

In our so-called Christian country, with cleric politicians, has a person shown more true Christianity? Yet he is criticised and ridiculed. Is it surprising that this conflict has gone on so long and continues yet more violent? By meeting the IRA, Mr Wilson has opened them up to more avenues of criticism, for their dismissal of his Christian act. How does he give them credibility?

Gordon Wilson may have been nave to think he could reason in human terms with the IRA, but I think he has done more in trying to bring peace than all our politicians put together. You don't know until you try, and this time he failed; but he is only just beginning, and, combined with Peace Initiative '93, something good may yet happen.

Yours faithfully,