Letter: Fetishism on four wheels

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Sir: Although the Vauxhall Corsa advertisements may be daft or even impressive in terms of money ('It may be Corsa, but is it any better?', 17 April), the fact remains that parts of it are pure pornographic fetishism.

Someone at the advertising agency or at Vauxhall must have known that one of the most popular forms of sado-masochistic fantasy is men being dominated by coloured women dressed in leather or rubber. Phone boxes throughout Bayswater and Paddington are full of stickers advertising this type of service.

Like all fantasy pornography, the commercial was merely fun, but had similar photographs of men chained to posts being abused by women (or the other way round) appeared, certainly in a magazine, the police would almost certainly have prosecuted the publishers for obscenity.

Yours faithfully,




17 April