Letter: Feuding, fading Afrikaners; touching moment on screen; and all South Africa's children

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Sir: Your cartoon depicting Nelson Mandela leading two small children, 'Freedom' and 'Democracy' out into the light (3 May) is particularly apt and undeniably poignant. When considered along with Richard Dowden's report on the same page ('Big Mac and Coke? Not so fast . . .'), it is doubly so.

Mr Dowden has touched on arguably the most sensitive nerve in the heady brew that is the socio- political mix of the new South Africa: that of expectations. The aspiration of Mr Mandela and his new government to maintain the 'First World' status of South Africa, while encouraging its 'Third World' component to develop itself, is a brave one. It will call for the utmost tolerance and patience from all South Africa's 'children'.

Of equal importance to the success or otherwise of this delicate balancing act, will be the attitudes of the 'parents' of the world's ancient democracies. Unrealistic expectations may not be the exclusive province of South Africa's 'children'.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW11

3 May