Letter: Find new site for Tribal Gathering

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Sir: The unequivocal protests of seven parish councils that the Tribal Gathering '96 should not be held at Lower Woods Farm (Otmoor Park), Oxfordshire, were reflected in Cherwell District Council's refusal of a licence ("Can they save the rave?", 30 May).

However, it is untrue to say that those opposed to the event are trying to thwart dance culture in general and the Tribal Gathering in particular.

Why take the Tribal Gathering from the redundant Munich Airport and site it at a farm, next to the Doomsday villages of Noke, Beckley, Woodeaton and Islip, in the designated "Environmentally Sensitive Area" of Otmoor, reached only by a network of minor roads?

Why carve up more ancient hedgerows for extra access points, and subject wildlife in surrounding fields and nearby woods to an influx of 25,000 people? A long hard campaign was waged to prevent the M40 disturbing Otmoor. Protesters against the Newbury bypass should understand our concern.

We are a few hundred locals, challenging a highly organised group of promoters, including Mean Fiddler and Universe, who are manipulating dance fans into believing the establishment is out to deprive them of fun. Stop the whingeing, ask the organisers to find an appropriate venue and then, have a great time.


Beckley, Oxfordshire