Letter: First Lady 'hatchet job'

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From Mr J. T. Turnbull

Sir: Commiserations to Polly Toynbee on her disappointment that her coffee morning with Hillary Clinton didn't turn out to be the feminist whinge- in she had hoped for. She responded by pouring scorn on the First Lady for the unpardonable sin of admitting to loving her husband, and castigated her for challenging the feminist dogma that single parenthood is a good thing (even while admitting that she is right).

This was followed by the interesting argument that sisters shouldn't speak the truth in case it played into the hands of the pro-family opposition! But perhaps Ms Toynbee could have struck a blow for social and sexual equality by refusing the invitation to a reception where the guest list was based on privilege and gender.

Yours faithfully,

J. T. Turnbull

London, SE3