Letter: Flaws in Kendal, dreams in Thanet

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Sir: Graham Ingham's article, draws attention, reasonably enough, to the problems that the Isle of Thanet has faced in the past, but completely misses the point that this is an area with unique opportunities to turn dreams of prosperity into reality in the foreseeable future.

His disparaging view of the quality of Thanet's labour force is not matched by our own experience. We are a hi-tech engineering company and have never had difficulty in finding employees of a high standard of skill, enthusiasm, and loyalty. Provided Thanet can retain its identity and maintain its will, and provided that the present strategic plans can be implemented, it will soon look very different - when it will be my pleasure to invite Mr Ingham to come back here and reconsider his comments.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,


Summit Aviation

Broadstairs, Kent

1 August