Letter: Flights of fancy

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Sir: The proposed Daniel Libeskind design for the Victorian and Albert Museum ("Fiver-a-head to visit 'exploding' museum", 18 May) resembles not so much a carbuncle as a hideous over-enlarged lump of crystal, unsuited to form a part of the nation's premier decorative arts museum.

The pounds 5 entry fee announced by the museum trustees is yet another nail in the coffin of this country's tradition of free museum entry.

It would be particularly inappropriate for genuine researchers to be charged entry to the renowned print room of the V&A Museum, which also houses the National Art Library.

Excesses such as the purchase of the costly Canova marble, which at present is not even on show at the museum, and the departure in recent years of some of its more learned curatorial staff should not be compounded by the trustees' flights of fancy.


London SW11