Letter: Flip-chart guide to prosperity

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Sir: Jonathan Glancey went in search of "what's left of British [manufacturing] excellence" for his essay of 21 March. He learnt that "energy and enthusiasm are more than a match for the flip-chart, overhead projector, my jargon-is-more-macho-than-your-jargon school of business management".

I trust Mr Glancey will be pleased to learn that Nobo, Europe's leading manufacturer of flip-charts and many other invaluable presentation tools, is located in Eastbourne, East Sussex and that Elite Optics, the EU's largest manufacturer of overhead projectors, is based at Llantrisant, Mid Glamorgan. Both are in rude health and he is welcome to visit us to check our pulse and our sanity.


Group Finance Director

Nobo Group plc

Eastbourne, East Sussex