Letter: Flying the flag for Sinead

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I WAS surprised to discover in the piece about Sinead O'Connor ('The life of Saint Sinead', Review, 29 November) that I had reportedly 'whooped with laughter' along with (supposed pop cronies - give me a break]) Rick Astley and Roger Daltrey, while Simon Bates played a cynical 'tribute to Sinead' in the form of Whitney Houston singing 'The Star Spangled Banner'.

To set the record straight - firstly, it was Jonathan King and not Mr Bates. Secondly, I recall thinking how puerile the gesture was and feeling more embarrassed than anything else.

Additionally, I happen to think that Sinead is a uniquely talented individual who is prepared to take such actions as the 'Pope picture' at the risk of damaging her own career. More power to her. Those who admire her should stand up and be counted. I am among them.

Annie Lennox

London SW11