Letter: Food for thought

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Sir: I am writing in response to your article 'Tax parenthood to save the world, says top surgeon' (10 August). Every once in a while a western scientist comes along who believes that he has the answer to overpopulation in the developing world. It is our fate, as Indians, that we have to put up with this. Anybody with the most elementary knowledge of India's problems would realise that Roy Calne's proposals could never be implemented there: it would be politically foolish and no government in a democratic set-up would be able to see it through.

A country like India manages to feed and clothe its whole population (though meagrely) with its own resources, with virtually no help from the developed world. The developed world consumes far more natural resources and pollutes the environment to a much greater degree than the populous developing world. So how are we a great drain on the world's resources?

If Professor Calne is genuinely concerned, maybe he could influence the politicians of the developed world to supplement the excellent work being done for population control in many parts of the developing world, through education and better child care.

Yours sincerely,


Harefield, Middlesex