Letter: Food labelling offers consumers a choice

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Sir: In response to Andrew McCloy's letter (14 June), may I say that food labelling provides the consumer with important information and should certainly not be viewed as 'irritating' or 'pointless'.

Many people, for political, health, religious, moral or environmental reasons, may not wish to buy particular items from particular places. For example, your leading article 'Let the consumer lead the way on battery eggs' (13 June) argues that British eggs should be more blatantly labelled 'free range' or 'battery', so that the consumer may properly choose according to his or her views on mass egg production.

For health and environmental reasons, I prefer to buy organic produce grown as locally as possible. Perhaps those who purchase New Zealand 'Anchor' products do not trust the present health of British cows and feel safer buying imported dairy produce.

We must not only demand more information regarding the products offered to us, but also use this information with careful consideration.