Letter: Forced into cynicism by our undemocratic way of voting

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Sir: Like Pascal Smart ("I'll not vote - it won't change a thing", 18 March) I have no intention of voting for any political party. Unlike him I am not young (47) and have no interest one way or the other in the legalisation of drugs, or in the EU, single European currencies and so on. I am very interested in the planet that I live on and its future.

The only reason I am likely to vote will be for a party who will tackle global warming, environment and habitat destruction and address the car/public transport issue to the benefit of all. I realise that global warming is a worldwide problem but a start has to be made somewhere, and soon, and here is as good a place as any. When these problems are addressed I may possibly take an interest in the other issues which feature prominently in election campaigns.


Castle Acre, Norfolk