LETTER : Forget Christmas, and have a merry pagan Winter Solstice festival

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Sir: I was most concerned to read the report on charity card sales (18 December). If I had been able to speak to your reporter, I would have assured her that I would take immediate steps to check the charity cards in all our branches and to remove any offenders from sale. This has now been done.

The amount that goes to the charity from each sale is, of course, set by the publisher and not the retailer, but our customers can be assured that we take the subject very seriously. Books etc is known as an ethical company and our directors will shortly be conducting an investigation into this whole area. Christmas cards have become a substantial source of income for many reputable charities - we sell cards which benefit Oxfam among others - and I hope that people will not be deterred from buying all charity cards and so adversely affect their income at this important time.


Group Chief Executive

Books etc Ltd

London WC2