Letter: Forging a vision of religious unity

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Sir: Andrew Brown ("Dr Carey's pilgrimage of peace", 20 June) seems to be unduly pessimistic about Anglican/Roman Catholic relations.

Churches Together in England, of which the Roman Catholics are a part, is currently discussing the nature of visible unity in a process known as "Called to be One". The study guide issued by the Roman Catholic church on the "Called to be One" book draws heavily on the papal encyclical, Ut Unum Sint, for support and encouragement, but tactfully plays down the primacy issue.

Whatever the relationship between the hierarchies, it is increasingly evident to me, as Bishop's ecumenical adviser in the diocese of Leicester, that the relationship between Anglicans, Roman Catholics and other denominations in this county is becoming ever more cordial, with shared use of buildings, a greater willingness to join together in worship, prayer and study, and joint oversight of local religious broadcasting and hospital and university chaplaincies. It is the aim of "Called to be One" that, building on our current experience of working together, we should be able to forge a vision of unity that all can own. It is only by finding out how much, or how little, we disagree with one another that we can honestly resolve our divisions.


Barkby, Leicestershire