Letter: Fortunes alter in 10 years

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IN HER article 'Andrew: a man and his music' (Review, 4 July), Fiammetta Rocco refers to an interview with my brother Julian Lloyd Webber concerning the purchase by him of a cello. She writes: 'This is the first time he has publicly acknowledged that in his hour of need he turned to his brother - now one of the 50 richest people in Britain - and was turned away.'

The article did not make it plain that the incident referred to occurred in 1983, some 10 years ago, when my financial situation was very different from that which obtains today.

I am sure that you will appreciate how wrong it is to make an assertion based upon my present financial situation in disregard of the fact that 10 years ago my finances and personal affairs were such that I was not able to provide the assistance sought, however much I would have wished to provide it.

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

London WC2