LETTER: Forum looks to Britain's future

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From Mr Hugh Berger

Sir: The Independent's announcement of the proposed establishment of a new national forum for public debate ("Debaters look to ancient Delphi", 19 May) rightly stated that it will "provide a nationally recognised base for independent long-term planning". Planning is nothing without result. The forum will use the stimulus and strength derived from consensus in discussion to initiate action of value to society and the nation.

The forum is intended to draw together the aspirations and vision of people throughout Britain by providing the potential for every citizen to become more closely involved in the values and actions that will determine our future.

A recently published Mori survey indicates that a plurality (46 per cent) of the British public supports the establishment of the forum and believes that it should be funded by the proceeds of the National Lottery "to guide constructive policies as we enter the new millennium". Only a quarter (27 per cent) oppose.

Yours faithfully,


The National Forum Trust

London, W11