Letter: Found in France: one lively mouse

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Sir: We assisted your travel correspondent, Frank Barrett, at Euro Disney earlier this month. Judging by the smile on his child's face, and his own surprise when faced with an almost fully booked Newport Bay Club hotel and 20,000 people in the Euro Disney theme park, we had the navety to hope that Mr Barrett would have mentioned this vision of busy trading in the month of February.

In the event, he ignores ('Lost in France: one damp mouse', 24 February) the crowds which he himself described at the time as 'heavy', and the 11 million guests that Euro Disney hosted during its first 12 months - a start similar to that of Tokyo Disneyland. He also ignores the 2.6 million British guests to date, despite the weakness of sterling in the midst of summer 1993.

With almost 19 million guests so far, Euro Disney is a commercial success; it is the top short-break destination in Europe. We are confident that the months to come will prove Mr Barrett's negative comments wrong. In the meantime, we encourage readers of the Independent to continue supporting their newspaper, as it too addresses its financial structure and continues to provide quality editorial (although, perhaps, with cautious support towards the travel section).

Yours faithfully,


Vice-President, Communication

Euro Disney

Marne La Vallee, France