Letter: From Jewish sources

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Sir: With reference to your article (20 January) which refers to me as an 'anti-Semitic publisher . . . who wields a poisonous pen', while the comments about my late husband by Gerry Gable have offended me, I can take the remainder of the article in my stride.

My pamphlets are based on my books, a serious study of comparative civilisation, the only aim of which has been to find out the truth. It just happened that where Judaism unexpectedly turned out to fit in the category of Eastern socio-religions, quotations from Jewish sources have proved very useful to illustrate my point.

This is interpreted as anti-Semitism. So it is interesting that my argument could only be countered not on an equally intellectual basis but in a vicious article of ridiculous length containing nothing of substance and with the sole aim of putting me in an unfavourable light.

Yours faithfully,


London, W14

26 January