Letter: From pillory to post - with pride

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Sir: I believe Beatrix Campbell's comments to be largely inaccurate with regard to the child protection services operated by the Nottinghamshire Social Services Department.

While there has been an unacceptable number of young children who have died in recent times (15 in nearly 4 years), it would be wholly wrong to make the assumption that all were known to social workers. As it would appear that there are no clear national figures on this significant aspect of child welfare, it is difficult to determine how Nottinghamshire compares with other parts of the country.

Within the past year, the Social Services Department has investigated more than 1,500 child protection cases. To do this job properly we are heavily dependent upon public goodwill and co-operation. It is essential that this co-operation is not eroded by ill-informed comment. If it is, it will be children who suffer.

Yours sincerely,



Nottinghamshire County

Council Social Services

West Bridgford, Nottingham

23 December