Letter: From twins to triplets

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Sir: I was surprised to read that 'Triplets make medical double' (report, 11 August) was found to be so interesting. (A Norfolk woman last week gave birth to identical girl triplets. She and her husband already have identical girl twins.)

My grandparents, Mary and Michael McDermott (deceased), produced a set of triplets (boys) in 1914 with a total birth weight of 24lb, three sets of twins in 1912, 1908 and 1906 and also produced six single babies, one weighing in at 14lb.

My mother (a twin) will be 82 next month and recalls many stories of her childhood, one being that my grandfather tied his big toes to two of the cribs with string to rock two of the babies and used his free hands to rock the third.

I think you will agree my grandparents made their own piece of medical history.

Yours sincerely,




12 August