Letter: Fundamental belief in Noah's Ark

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Sir: Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, believes strongly in the Creationist view: that our God, the only Creator of all, has created and founded the universe from nothing, in six days, and that man, animals and plants are created too with no evolution between animals and man.

We believe strongly that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a theory and not based on scientific facts of evidence. Noah was one of the Prophets of God and Noah's Ark was a true historical fact. God in his mercy saved Noah and the animal kingdom when the flood occurred:

"We (once) sent Noah to his people and he tarried among them a thousand years less fifty; but the flood overwhelmed them while they (persisted) in sin. But we saved him and those who were in the ship (the animals) and we made the (ark) a sign for all the peoples." (Al Qur'an; chapter 29, verses 14-15)

We believe that the sign of the ark can be found and proved somewhere on our earth, it is possible that what has been discovered in Turkey are the remains of the Ark.


Islamic Concern

London N13