Letter: Future bleak for private trains

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Sir: With the chaos at South West Trains, one of the first private rail companies, we are seeing just what a failure rail privatisation is for the travelling public ("Minister labels rail company inept over cuts", 18 February).

Thousands of commuters are being left waiting on station platforms because the company chose to let train drivers go before the alternative arrangements for keeping the trains running were in place.

And all this just weeks before the general election, at a time when Transport ministers are desperately trying to talk up rail privatisation. It makes you fear for the future of the railways if the Tories win again.

This Government destroyed the coal industry just months after the last election.

How long would it take another Tory government and the new private rail companies to decide that the sums don't add up after all - and do the same to Britain's railways?


Feltham, Middlesex