Letter: Gaps in the party manifestos

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Sir: One reason given by John Norris (letters, 5 April) for supporting the Green Party is that Newbury's Liberal Democrat MP David Rendel supports the destructive Newbury bypass "even after ex-roads minister Steven Norris has admitted it was an error".

During his eight years as a county councillor Steven Norris scorned proposals for reducing road traffic, but happily progress has recently been made with Don Foster's Road Traffic Reduction Bill, supported by David Rendel. Steven Norris did not say that the bypass was an error, but that be would have preferred an expensive central route.

Perhaps both Mr Norrises would note the comment by Charles Secrett, director of Friends of the Earth, that the Lib Dem manifesto "is the greenest ever produced by any major party in Britain". Join a major green party, gentlemen!


Newbury, Berkshire