Letter: Gay pride, Jewish shame

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'IS THIS comparison odious?' (31 October) asks Jason Bennetto in his article about OutRage's response to Lord Jakobovits's endorsement of the use of genetic engineering to 'eliminate' homosexuals.

As a gay Jew, I am in no doubt that OutRage is correct to hit back in this manner. Whereas Lord Jakobovits has expressed opinion and prejudice, OutRage has merely pointed out the cruelly ironic fact that, like Himmler, Lord Jakobovits can find no 'moral objection' to eliminating homosexuals.

He may not advocate their death in concentration camps but the fact that an advance in medical science has enabled him to express a preference that they are not born in the first place does not make his views any less 'odious and obscene'.

Surely a man of God should be pressing for laws and guidelines that would prevent science from acting as God? But it would seem that religious hypocrisy still flourishes in some quarters. Lord Jakobovits has not made me proud to be Jewish. OutRage helps me be proud to be gay.

Glen Sheldon

London N8