Letter: Gay protest at Communion

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Sir: The provost of Southwark Cathedral says "the case of homosexual people will not be furthered" by our protest against Anglican homophobia during Morning Eucharist ("Cathedral protesters confront bishops", 28 April).

This service was attended by the 60 bishops planning the 1998 Lambeth Conference. They are refusing to schedule any serious debate on the issues of gay clergy and homosexual human rights. The indignities suffered by gay people are apparently deemed unworthy of consideration. Faced with their intransigence, we had no option but to confront them.

The leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion support gay inequality, with the Church in Britain openly discriminating against homosexuals:

Clergy in loving, same-sex relationships live in fear of dismissal (a fear that has been exacerbated by the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent statement that these priests have no place in the Church). Anglican parishes and anti-gay Christian cults teach that homosexuals need "curing". The Church of England Children's Society prohibits fostering by gay people. When the House of Lords voted on the age of consent, not a single bishop endorsed equality.

Securing homosexual human rights is more important than maintaining the decorum of Morning Eucharist. We cannot be expected to halt our protests while the Church pursues policies of homophobic discrimination.



London W1