Letter: Gays and the church

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Gays and the church

THE REV Guy Davies (letter, 28 April) opposes homosexual behaviour, but fails to admit the existence of homosexual people. I spent over 30 years trying to make myself fit the Church's traditional framework of sexual teaching and the more I tried, the more my gay feelings came through, even though I never put them into practice. Eventually the discovery of a genetic link with gayness opened my eyes: I was fighting my own nature and trying to correct the way God made me.

A good God cannot have created in us a powerful gay sex drive just to punish us for acting on it. For me therefore it follows that the few Bible passages (none from Christ) condemning gay conduct reflect a heterosexual attitude, not the mind of God.

Mr Davies asks us to look wider and see that the Bible's teaching throughout is consistent that sex is for married male/female couples only. But the Bible's teaching throughout is consistent that the earth is stationary and flat. Science has since shown us that God made the earth a moving ball and that he made some people gay. These discoveries change our perspective.

"God made all human beings in his own image" means homosexuality is part of that image as well as heterosexuality. "Love your neighbour as yourself" calls for equal treatment of gays here and now. And "First remove the block from your own eye" requires Church leaders to start the process.


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