Letter : Geldof heading for second halo

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Sir: All Bob Geldof has to do to bring "the rights of wronged fathers to public attention" ("Geldof becomes fathers' champion", 30 September) is to keep on telling the world how much he loves his children, regardless of how much time he has managed to spend with them. A second halo, the one so commonly awarded to Good Fathers, will duly be conferred upon Saint Bob.

If, on the other hand, it can be shown that Paula has spent less than around 80 per cent of her time caring for her children, she will obviously qualify for tarring and feathering as a Neglectful Mother.

Go for joint custody, Paula. Look around and you will see that this normally pans out in such a way that the children are with mum for 95 per cent of the time, whether or not their dad belongs to a "pro-family" pressure group.


London N8