Letter: Genetic engineering

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Sir: In the present political climate, where we are constantly beseeched not to tolerate bullying - in the workplace, in the home, in the school - and are given endless instructions on how to deal with it when it arises, it is ludicrous to find ourselves being force-fed food we don't want by people on another continent ("Genetically-modified food to hit shelves in the New Year", 20 November).

You say that UK supermarkets "have been forced to accept [genetically- modified foods] by the superior financial muscle of US food producers". Why is such bullying necessary? Good, wholesome, nutritious food will sell on its own merits. The refusal by biotechnology companies to segregate, to identify, to make traceable and to take responsibility for the gene- manipulated foods they are forcing us to swallow, is clear evidence that they know their produce is inferior and dangerous.


Scottish Consumers Association for Natural Food