Letter: Get out and vote - for anybody except that insulting chicken

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Sir: "Swampy" believes that our political system is a farce. But for all its faults it is the system we have got.

The local and general elections on 1 May are an opportunity to vote for candidates who share Swampy's opposition to road and airport building. It may not be much of a chance to express views in which you believe, but why just throw it away ?

Since 1979 the Conservative government has completed over 400 road schemes, including 160 major bypasses, on their own figures.

It's not just the Tories. The Liberal Democrat MP for Newbury, David Rendel, has supported the destructive bypass even after the former transport minister Stephen Norris has admitted it was an error.

What about New Labour? It took them eight drafts of their transport policy to achieve a commitment to "review" the roads programme. How deeply reassuring of nothing.

In many constituencies there are candidates who have opposed road building, and can be relied on to do so. They are the Green Party candidates.


Richmond upon Thames