Letter: Give Scots the government they voted for, or lose them

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The Independent Online
AS A SCOT, I found your articles thoughtful but ultimately disappointing in their lack of vision. Your writers give scant regard to many issues of central importance for a sustainable Scottish future. What about the reform of Scotland's unjust feudal system of land ownership so that the land and environment can be protected by the people who live there? Or tapping the enormous potential for wind, wave and hydro power, thus generating sustainable jobs, rather than endure the huge costs and risks of the nuclear industry? Or forging an international governmental alliance to impose tough, binding environmental and labour standards on multinational corporations and tax the massive destabilising flows of international currency?

If Scotland uses devolution to pursue the same economic policies as have failed south of the border and around the world we are sunk. If we pursue a radical approach which enables people to participate fully and equitably in the benefits of trade, while at the same time preserving the environment, we stand a chance.