Letter: Giving thanks for the flood of knickers

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Sir: I am writing to thank everyone who made donations to Kensington Consultation Centre as a result of the article 'Where dignity would be a pair of knickers' (1 October). Money is still coming in to buy the schoolbooks for the refugee children and we have been inundated with knickers. A large parcel arrived from a women's group in Scunthorpe, 70 pairs from Berkhamsted social services and three pairs from a young student who was off to university. One parcel with new warm children's hats and gloves contained a pack of 'snap', which I guess was hidden to surprise the recipient.

I am sorting through all the gifts with the help of some sixth- formers from North London Collegiate school and the lorry should go off to Bosnia at the beginning of November. Who says we have become a selfish nation?

Yours sincerely,


Kensington Consultation Centre

London, SW8

15 October