Letter: Global politics

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Global politics

TARIQ ALI makes the all-too-frequent error of dismissing the environmental and animal rights movements as single- issue politics ("What's the matter with our dumbed-down youth?", 16 February).

The struggle for animal rights is seen as part of a huge picture involving all forms of cruelty and abuse. Through animal rights, I became involved with human rights campaigns. These interests have led to my involvement in the environmental movement, which - far from dealing in a single issue - is concerned with all human activity: war, demography, education, birth control, sustainable development, pollution, agriculture, famine relief et al. At its core, of course, is its concern with our ability to sustain any form of life on the planet.

Local political activity does not automatically imply global ignorance or indifference. And any form of political activity against injustice should be supported - especially amongst the young. Who knows where it might lead?


Herne Bay, Kent