Letter: Glorious Galliano

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Letter: Glorious Galliano

Sir: Galliano the glorious! Galliano the genius! A most emphatic "yes". At last someone has had the courage to create a "variation on a theme" with the quality of fashions of a past age (Fashion, 21 January).

Galliano's inspiration, Paul Poiret, drew his own inspiration directly from the clothes of 100 years before his time, the Directoire period. He had an empire devoted to couture, perfume, shoes, millinery and interior design. His "1002nd Night" or "Persian Celebration" of 1911 epitomised his flair for theatricality and beauty; settings were designed by Raoul Dufy and Dunoyer de Segonzac.

There is no shame in imitating a thing of beauty and taste, the only crime is in running up a satin slip and calling it couture, which seems to be the order of the day.


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