Letter: GMTV will stick to its promises

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YOUR report suggesting that GMTV had varied promises made in the franchise application ('Unfortunately, now that we have the franchises . . ., 27 December) implied that we had dropped certain programming elements in favour of more popular - and cheaper - options. This is not so.

Political interviews, authoritative family programmes and educational children's features are still very much a part of our programming. They are in addition to, and not replaced by, items presented by Linda Lusardi and Jeremy Beadle.

Sunday Best will include political interviews but the programme will be geared to the whole family, as stated in our application. Education and social action features are also scheduled, with our first campaign starting on 18 January.

The computer game slot and 'what's on' item for the family will be included in Alarm Alert and Sunday Best respectively, and the European quiz is in development. We never ruled out weekday cartoons, although these will not be supplied by Disney but will be independently produced.

Janie Ironside Wood

GMTV, London SE1