Letter: God's vicar

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IN SPITE of the many scurrilous attempts to detract from his character and greatness, Pope John Paul II remains steadfast. In spite of what Hans Kung might think ("Theologian says Pope must go", 25 October), the chief sentinel will stay at his post; and, until the Lord calls him home, he will not fail to lift up his voice against the errors and deceits that devastate the lives of men and women today.

Pope John Paul II, clearly suffering and in declining health, is a victim priest, closely identified with Christ whose vicar on earth he is; and whom he faithfully proclaims as the only hope for humanity. He deserves only our love and deepest respect. Catholics, in particular, owe to him loyalty and obedience. When history is written, he will be remembered as John Paul the Great, a truly courageous pastor and prophetic servant of God's people.


Sacred Heart Presbytery, Belfast